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Sunday, 22 June 2008
ODALISQUE by PF Jeffery (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4 - Departures 


Read by me today, Litnight 17th 2008 


We emerged on to the parade ground – packed with persons and slaves.  There was tumult of cheering and shouting – walking into which, from the quiet of the palace, felt like leaping into hot oil.  At first, I could see nothing but a confusing mass of bodies.  Neither slaves nor low born persons parted to make way for us. 

This is a bit like entering the novel itself!  Very cinematic in this chapter. Hitting all the senses. 


Two example snippets: 

It was now clear that several persons had been skewered by arrows – and a larger number trampled.  The slaughterhouse smell brought the taste of blood to my mouth, and then I was sick.  Vomit was added to the blood that already glued my blouse to the skin beneath.  In the increasingly rich blend of stinks, I now detected piss and shit. 

Slappa selected a large but unripe plum from a fruit bowl, tossing it above her head.  Her right arm and weapon became a blur of movement, the fruit landed neatly sliced in half, stone as well as flesh.  


Then the concept of canal pirates!!  

“How can there be a canal pirate?” Jenna asked.  She sounded irritated.  “Pirates at sea have plenty of room to escape the law, bandits on a road may take to the woods or hills, but where can a fugitive escape justice on a canal?”



Two possible typos I've noticed:


Nadine Next’s well discipline force

“Not basking our victory?”


  The author has kindly provided me these names for the months:  

Chillflurry (January)
Iceflake (February)
Windrush (March)
Drizzlemoon (April)
Cornsprout (May)
Litnight (June)
Glarehaze (July)
Thunderhead (August)
Swellbelly (September)
Mistream (October)
Dankfog (November)
Blinkday (December)



CHAPTER COMMENT LINKS: http://weirdmonger.blogspot.com/2008/06/odalisque.html

Posted by weirdtongue at 1:30 PM BST
Updated: Sunday, 22 June 2008 2:51 PM BST

Sunday, 22 June 2008 - 1:35 PM BST

Name: "PFJ"

Two typos!!! Does that compensate for none last time?

The sliced plum (and, indeed, Slappa herself) are new to Odalisque -- they weren't present in any previous version of the book.

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